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In person and on the page, Nina and Paul had given their spouses “radical permission,” Lucy Kalanithi said, to enter new relationships, even to remarry.

But following through on that brings up complicated emotions. I was 100 percent happy doing that,” Duberstein said. “Having a second relationship is a tragedy,” he said.

He had yet to finish “When Breath Becomes Air.” [‘When Breath Becomes Air’: Young doctor’s last words of wisdom, hope] Lucy and Nina, however, had formed a quiet relationship.

Lucy, whose husband died in March 2015, had contacted Nina after reading a Modern Love column she had written for the New York Times, “When a Couch Is More Than a Couch.” Lucy wrote a glowing blurb for “The Bright Hour” and stayed in touch with Nina’s agent, inquiring about Nina’s health and her family. 24, two days before Nina died, Lucy sent her an email message: “I’m beaming you love from my whole being.” She signed it, “your forever fan, lucy.” At a hospice in Greensboro, N.

“And Nina was John’s character reference.” John got through the eulogy. There were spools and spools of threads, “a Google-plex” of messages, he joked.

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