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So, it is uncertain whether there is an age of consent for sodomy.Wyoming, like other states, makes allowances for partners who are under the age of consent, but close to the same age. Hence, a minor who is 12 or older can legally consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older.

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It'll be an opportunity to mentor the kid about rifles ("Remember, a gun's always loaded, even when it ain't"), something Cory does almost without thinking, passing on skills, insights, knowledge — a trait that will soon come in handy.

Their trip to the "rez" involves a hunt for the mountain lion that killed a yearling on grandpa's land, during which Cory comes across the body of the teenage girl we saw earlier, frozen in the snow.

I couldn't keep the schedule I keep or see opportunities to change the world without TM.

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Violations of Wyoming’s age of consent laws will result in strict punishments.

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