Who is siva kaneswaran dating

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She is very secretive about her dating life, but that does not stop people from trying to dig out personal information about her boyfriend and husband.

Her beauty with time seems to have grown with time which explains the growth in the internet searches about her height, weight loss and other similar personal facts about her.

When we asked about his decision to make music in the US, Siva revealed that in the States, fame comes much quicker. " He laughed and continued: "that's such a man answer!

"In the UK, it takes longer to establish yourself, but the fans are then loyal", he said, before adding how it took The Wanted three songs to feel like they had a fan base in the UK; "In the US, it happened with one." A 2015 wedding? No, I want to be involved, and hands on." Siva and fiancée Nareesha Mc Caffery are planning on holding the wedding in the US because they've spent so much time there, but Siva admitted to HELLO!

You can know more about her through her personal website and Twitter.

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