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Slasher’s inadvertent use of an automatic weapon at precisely the wrong moment makes you wonder just how incompetent most small time criminals must surely be (though not, surely, with such grim repercussions).

It’s a moment of very dark humour in a slick film, that, like its protagonist, doesn’t mind showing you how clever it thinks it is.

In return, Howard promises to finance their dreams of the good life – including a sailing boat, for sale and mysteriously cheap, named Cassandra’s Dream.

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Sally is pretty much the best thing about it because her performance seems so natural and unforced (though admittedly it’s hardly a stretch for someone of her talents to play a nice young woman who does the sensible thing).

It’s a shame she isn’t given more time on screen or more to do with it – it might have made for a more compelling film.

Once the deed is done, Terry succumbs to Lady Macbeth-style misgivings – until worried fiancée Kate (Hawkins) reveals as much to Ian and sets in motion the unraveling of the brothers’ plans.

With its clunky set pieces and meandering storyline, there’s little to love about the film even with a sterling effort by the cast.

, that's currently playing in UK cinemas, then good news: there are lots and lots of movie performances from her that are well, well worth seeking out.

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