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y late '57 Castor was subbing for Frankic Lyman, who had split from The Teenagers and was just beginning the long decline that would end 11 years later when he OO'd in his grandmother's bathroom.

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'It's Just Begun was probably too far ahead of its time to be a hit in 72 when it was issued; today it sounds totally contemporary, with Castor's blaring sax figure riding over both fuzz-tone and wah-wah guitar rifts and a groove to end all grooves. " shouts Castor, and this time the whole world vivas watching, and listening.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch cut two more LPs for RCA in 19.

Phase Two was perhaps even more relentless than It's Just Begun.

one long thundering groove jam from which we've chosen "Say Leroy (The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Fathell a tune that reprises his first big hit, grafting the continuing saga of Leroy onto a Troglodyte" -style deep groove.

"Troglodyte (Cave Man)," which exemplifies this, was one of the monster records of '72, rising to #6 on the pop charts by May of that year, as well as being one of the discs that refined that coining funk explosion of the mid -70s. There had never been a groove this fat blasting out of AM radio.

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