Who is gigi lai dating

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and i agree with [b]presato[/b], if those fortune tellers are so accurate, why not fix their own lives? o.o and they need to know that age plays a big factor too. she should go for like IVF or something, so that she doesn't have to do all this. Single ladies of Asia who are past conventional marriageable age -- there is hope.

She was a naughty one who needed to be beaten into submission. When she turned 16, she capitalized on her physical assets and became a star in soft porn.

Shu has since achieved the miraculous feat of going from B-erotica to A-list actress.

Just look at 41-year-old pop diva Karen Mok who gleefully announced on stage that she is going to marry her high school sweetheart this year, after they reunited at a high school reunion.

Mok's announcement is a slap in the face of society for every snide remark it has ever made about "leftover women" -- when they do finally get married, it is in the most phenomenal and fairytale manner. About 10 percent of the population is single and female, between the ages of 18-60.

Most of the time you’ll see lucky guys getting to hook up with the their favorite leading ladies from the world of porn.

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