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The Lord Of The Rings star was asked by a female follower to persuade Fox, 46, to join in May (12), and he stunned fans when he made the remarks about the actor.

Monaghan refused to back down over the drama - when the fan, named Becca, responded to his comments, writing, "What about all those good times you had together?

The freckle-faced Canadian beauty, who plays Kate Austen, has fallen hard for Lost production assistant Norman Kali after finally getting over her three-year romance with costar Dominic Monaghan, say sources. It’s your life.”Charlie Pace” was my favorite character on Lost. I guess that’s Dom’s problem: somehow he’s a forgetably wild, cute, nice guy…….. Well Dom was too good for her anyways, and I wish she knew what she was losing.

“Lost certainly has been very good for Evie’s love life,” noted a set insider. I actually didn’t even know that they had ever been together before I posted this and did some research (not enough apparently) I love Dominic too SOOOOOO much, and I love Evangeline Lilly too. This article helped me clear up a lot of those rumours- haha! I hope he’s over her by now, hopefully his adorable little heart is all mended!!

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