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He and his comedy dog Dante team up with a skeleton named Hector (Gael García Bernal) to find Ernesto and get his blessing, so he can return to the land of the living before sunrise.

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We don't care about the outside world and even though it can be harsh out there, we just have to deal with it.'After the scandal erupted, rumours abounded that the couple were about to split, but, says Coco, 'there's no truth to that rumour at all.

I look at couples in the street who are in their sixties and have been together for 40 years and they're my idols. We already feel like that because we've been together so long.'The couple met in 2001 when Coco was just 22 (to Ice-T's 43), married two months later and prior to the AP.9 hiccup, not a hint of scandal had clouded their union of almost 12 years – a rarity itself in showbiz circles.

Like all the best Pixar films, Coco is exuberantly funny, at times genuinely poignant and quite stunningly animated, with terrific songs.

Its standout number is Remember Me, written by Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the talented husband-and-wife team behind the songs in Disney’s 2013 hit Frozen.

For a couple who are considered to have one of the most affectionate marriages in the business, Ice-T and Coco certainly haven't had the easiest time of late. But people were also saying my booty was fake too no matter what I said or did, so there's nothing I can do about that either.'Ice and I just live our own lives,' she adds.

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