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A highly attractive trait, that confidence likely played a part in his ability to not only date but marry the extremely attractive and sought after Carmen Electra.

An absolute legend of the business, there are many wrestling fans who to this day will name Randy “Macho Man” Savage as their favorite wrestler because he was such a complete entertainer.

However, he still has people in his life that love him, including his current wife, Jennifer Mc Daniel.

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Extremely important to the history of wrestling as they were largely responsible for the WCW beating out the WWE in the ratings for a time, sadly by the end the n Wo became very watered down.

About as unwieldy as possible, the company had so many people join the ranks of the group that it was simply mind-boggling.

Always a lightning rod for controversy himself, according to the WWE Hall of Famer Sunny she and Shawn had an affair while she was involved with a respected WWE performer, Chris “Skip” Candido.

One of the few people who were a member of the n Wo both in WCW and WWE, X-Pac joined the latter version when Scott Hall’s return to the company came to an abrupt end.

Leading to the company getting more attention than ever before, he committed to his new villainous role and was hated by fans that threw things at him whenever they could for a time after that.

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