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Mikey Day’s Roy Moore is a better foil for Mc Kinnon than Baldwin’s Donald Trump, because—and this is astonishing, but true—a cowboy-hat-wearing, teenage-girl-chasing bible-thumper is way less over-the-top than the president.

Day gets to play straight man in a way Baldwin can’t, and Mc Kinnon rises to the occasion with some of that sweet, sweet Sessions crazy: Alabama,” Sessions has a heart-to-heart wth his father, to whom he bears a distinct family resemblance. Have I both fostered and benefited from a culture of systemic oppression?

The show also seems to have realized that their videos weren’t working, as they’ve been a less frequent presence this season.

Moore’s actions are so reprehensible that Mc Kinnon’s Jeff Sessions almost manages to connect a few dots before his dad talks him down: But there’s so many men out there acting like monsters—Mr.

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They would wind up being two of six new additions to the cast that year, all of whom were white (which quickly became an issue).

Of those six, four wouldn’t advance to a second season.

Ben Affeck is dating producer Lindsay Shookus, while Olivia Wilde met her husband - former cast member Jason Sudeikis at one of the show's after-parties.

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