Who is barbie hsu dating is internet dating good or bad yahoo

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It’s quite amazing how his relationships with the two Hsu became somewhat interconnected with one another.

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Anyway, as far as I know, ZZ has 2 girlfriends; Hsu Wei Lun, whom he has broken up with. soz but i didnt no dere was a vic forum but it a bit awkward. At present, he has 2 gfs; one is his ex HWL and another one is Barbie, yeah he's still dating her he surely has a talent in denying and lying, if there was notting happen btw him and HWL, how come she is called as his ex-gf, plus the paparazzi had taken some photos of them out together.

And Barbie Xu..yes, ZZ and Barbie are still dating...they've only been dating for 2 months, so how can they have broken up so early? meantime now Barbie is no longer his big sis, but lover instead.

Included in his past dating lists were Kelly Lin, Li Bingbing, Maggie Wu and Jiang Xinyu.

It’s still yet to be seen whether his relationship with Wen Wen will last.

It’s really not a wonder that he would eventually end up with Arissa in the long run.

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