Who is autumn reeser dating

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character, Taylor Townsend – the preppy, double-crossing nemesis of Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson).“I liked being a player in high school,” says the former head cheerleader and homecoming-court royal.When Autumn Reeser was asked to play Leslie Bellcamp, a no-nonsense Hollywood agent who refuses to slow down despite being heavily pregnant, she jumped at the chance.

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On a happy personal note, she is a mother to two sons, Finneus James Warren and Dashiell Ford Warren.

A mutual friend introduced Autumn Reeser to writer and director Jesse Warren at a movie screening in 2000 while both were studying at UCLA.

I’m actually more comfortable with conflict now after playing this character.” Reeser reminisced about another exciting time in her career. C.’ was really, really smart,” said Reeser, explaining why fans are still fascinated with the show even though it ended 10 years ago. I think for my character, she was awkward and didn’t fit in, but was fully OK with who she was as a person, and to be able to put all those things in this character is what resonates with people.” 'THE O.

She previously starred in the popular teen drama “The O. C.' CANCELLED DUE TO LOW RATINGS Reeser said that she still sees her former castmates “every now and then,” but fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a reboot anytime soon, as some classic sitcoms have experienced with the help of Netflix.

” Apparently he’s totally obsessed with the show and I was right there and he didn’t recognize me. Honestly, I went to school with a lot of girls like (Taylor) and I feel like it’s a little skewer. You do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do in real life, hopefully. She’s a really sweet person and, yeah, I like everybody. We have a dog named Gatsby, like Where’d you guys meet?

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