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In February 2005, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code came into operation which sets out public access rights and responsibilities and allows everyone to enjoy a statutory right of responsible access under the Land reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

This legislation also applies to other activities including canoeing, horse-riding, wild camping and mountain biking.

Guided walks are led by highly qualified and knowledgeable guides, who have an in-depth knowledge of the landscape, weather and points of interest which add so much to a walk.

Using a guide is also a good way to gain new skills or update existing ones and packages are carefully put together by experienced professionals who thoroughly research all components of the holiday/break.

Whether young or old, there is something for everyone, maybe even too much!

There are so many amazing things to see and so many stunning places to visit, that a lifetime would be needed in order to do them all justice.

Shetland is more of a collection of small worlds rather than islands.

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