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If someone is happy with your work, they give you up to a five-star rating. When was the last time you were placed on hold by a customer service agent and thought, "That was great"? When you sign up to work, you'll start getting paid for tasks that your clients would rather pay you to do for them than do themselves.

The fun of it is that you never know exactly what you'll be doing each day.

And, everything is done online, so you don't have to sweat details such as getting paid.

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If you do voice-over work, edit websites, write music, or you're an expert in search engine optimization (SEO), Fiverr may be the place for you.

(That "Five" in Fiverr refers to your initial price for your work; $5 may be for your first task, then more after that.)The site and the Fiverr app are geared toward skilled professionals; if that's you, you can be your own boss.

Your pay rate will depend on the task you're working on, and your experience.

(Perssist's clients pay a monthly fee to hire virtual assistants.

You post your credentials, and a photo or video of your work.

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