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That being said, seeing that I have some friendly competition in the "onion" area, I'll add a few more.WARNING: Some of these definitely contain adult content, disturbing content, or illegal activity (i.e. "List of Current Darknet Markets on Tor (as of 4/21/2017) - these are the sites where people purchase drugs and other such goods: Alpha Bay Market: - You can anonymously confess a secret here that you've been needing to get off your chest. People can comment on them, too - so don't get offended if someone mouths off to you!Authors are required to provide a link to the final published article (known as the Version of Record) alongside the original preprint version.

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The Society’s Licence to Publish requires that articles have not previously been published in part or in whole within a scientific journal, book or similar entity.

Deposition of a preprint version on the author’s personal website, in an institutional repository, or in a recognised preprint archive (such as Bio Rxiv) is not viewed as prior publication, provided that: Authors should inform the journal at the time of submission if and where their article has been previously posted.

Question Everything: - A social networking site similar to Reddit, where people ask questions, and they are upvoted or downvoted by users.

The difference between this and Reddit is that the subject matter here sometimes revolves around hacking, encryption, drugs, and other "sensitive" topics.

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