Van gogh painting dating may 1889

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If Monet talked a lot about money, it was, in the words of the biographer Spate, because he was "obsessed by it, chronically mean but a huge spender, and even when he was very rich, irrationally fearful of losing everything".

Although he indeed experienced bad years, especially in the late 1860s and late '70s, it turns out that he was actually rather well-to-do for most of his life.

All in all, it would seem that Monet had a higher standard of living than the average Parisian doctor, and beginning in the 1890s he became downright wealthy.

I doodled in the margins of my books, I decorated our blue copy paper with ultra-fantastic drawings, and I drew the faces and profiles of my schoolmasters as outrageously as I could, distorting them out of all recognition." Although his father urged his son to dedicate himself to the family grocery store business, Monet wanted to become an artist.

Perhaps the musical inclinations of his mother had had played a part of the aesthetic background of Monet's childhood. In these early years he executed pencil sketches of sailing ships, which were almost technical in their clear descriptiveness.

"Then all sorts of things like the following happen – I must have picked up a good hundred flies and more off the 4 canvases that you’ll be getting, not to mention dust and sand…when one carries them across the heath and through hedgerows for a few hours, the odd branch or two scrapes across them…” Consider van Gogh's extreme dedication to authenticity one more of his quirks.

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