nice dating place in cebu - Updating verizon cell phone 228

by  |  20-Nov-2017 19:17

These were removed one by one with PRL updates as Verizon built out their coverage.

There are actually 2 updates one is PRL and other is software dial 1 for software dial 2 for PRLs They actually did a software update on two of my phones and now one gets better service and other gets worse lol My BB had no service at my house when inside now I get atleast 2 barsverizon should make updates behind the's stupid to make the customer dial and update by themselves.

I call VZW the first thing they ask is "When did you last update your phone?

It seems to be their band-aid and a kiss solution to get you to leave them alone.

they could have it do a quick update at 3am once a month or something.

the problem now, is that when you do *228 and update your PRL, your phone resets.

I thought this code might help but I can't remember exactly what to type.

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