We cam amateur - Updating my thread box program

by  |  27-Jun-2017 08:43

You can link the embroidery files to your Design Charts in the easythreads Module and Websites Charts in easy Websites Organizer!

updating my thread box program-77

You can keep track of your fabrics in My Inventory Fabrics, and you can even keep a list of all the fabrics you want to get in My Wishlist Fabrics.

In the Pro Edition, you can import Fabric Data Packs to expand the system fabrics to choose from.

You can link the projects to your Fabric Charts in the easy Fabrics Organizer™ Module or the Embroidery File Charts in easy Embroidery File Organizer™!

The easy Sewing Patterns Organizer™ helps you organize your sewing patterns.

The very first Module is called easythreads Organizer.

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