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Final outcome should be identical, but the number of runs must be adequately chosen; see next item.

Default: 24 trials with 8 gap orientation choices, 30 trials with 4 gap orientations (because the guessing rate is higher).

For the Contrast Test, you also need to go to “SETTINGSLuminance Linearisation” to linearise luminance (“gamma correction”) before testing.

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Also ponder about every entry in the SETTINGS interface and set them appropriately; the defaults can not be optimal for every situation.

The Checklist is a must-read, in the “Fr ACT3_Manual.pdf” all settings are explained in more detail than you probably wished…

The digit key “5”, pressed twice, aborts an ongoing test run (and inhibits display of the premature result).

The Tumbling E has possible 4 orientations, the Landolt-C allows 4 or 8.

If the on-line version of Fr ACT right below is blocked by your browser: consider enabling Flash on this page.

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