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This sample allows the user to create temporary connection definition at run time and master-details relationship between datasets using TFDQuery to work with My SQL databases. This creates a master-details relationship between the datasets.Simple queries execution is demonstrated via Exec SQL method of TFDConnection.NOTE: If you are updating a localized version of Delphi 7, visit the Borland Registered User web site to obtain a localized readme file that may contain important late- breaking information not included in this readme file.

When new versions are installed, the running application requests a restart to use the new version. Let it update in the background while the user does other stuff, and then automatically start your application.

You shouldn't create unnecessary startup entries to check for updates like Adobe Flash Player (it's hard to track them all down, and I can't figure out a way to disable the checks...) or i Tunes. A better option would be to check for updates at application startup like Firefox does. Just be sure to include a option: I personally came to appreciate applications that do something similar to the Sparkle framework.

This file contains important supplemental and late-breakinginformation that may not appear in the main productdocumentation, and supersedes information contained in otherdocuments, including previously installed release notes.

Borland recommends that you read this file in its entirety.

For example: put 10.56 into colum C row 10, on sheet1. Thank Luis var xls, xlw: Variant; begin xls := Create Ole Object('Excel.

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