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Dunstrom was busted in a basement in NYC after a brief struggle on April 9, 1988.

On April 15, Mc Millian and Bruce were busted at Mc Millian's mother's house.

Ronald Jenkins and Bridgett Green, #14/#15, Jly 1, 1988In January 1988, they went on a shoplifting spree in Georgia.

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It's likely he committed a similar sexual murder in Marion, Ohio. Karl "Fabulous" Dunstrom, Steven Mc Millian, and Kirk Bruce, #4/#5/#6, Apl 9/Apl 15, 1988In January 1988, these three people burst into an apartment in Landover, Maryland with machine guns, sprayed bullets, and assassinated 5 crack gang members in a drug war dispute.

Previously, in late November 1987, Dunstrom had also murdered a 17 year old boy in NYC.

In 1974, he murdered a couple and blew up their home, leaving their baby to die of smoke inhalation.

A few months later, he raped a woman and set down her infant son just outside of her car, leaving the little boy to die of cold air exposure.

Donald B Adams, #2, Mrc 17, 1988In the last days of March 1987, he was out on parole following a robbery charge when he raped a woman in Massachusetts.

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