Sql validating data against data type lian asian dating

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When you do so you will see the following when you create a new project: In the sections that follow I will be using the Adventure Works 2012 sample database.

After installation you can launch SSDT from the SQL Server 2012 Program Group in the Start menu.

SSDT is contained in the Visual Studio 2010 Shell; this is a subset of the Visual Studio 2010 tool that developers use to build Windows, web, etc. When you create a new project you will see the following options: The Business Intelligence (BI) templates are essentially the same as what you had in BIDS with the exception of the Analysis Services Tabular Project which is a new feature in SQL Server 2012.

By default the schema compare dialog is displayed with the project selected as one schema and a dropdown allowing you to specify the target schema to compare.

Click the Select Target dropdown and fill in the Select Target Schema with a database as shown below: In the previous section I added the Customer Type column to the Customer table; you can see above how the schema compare has identified the one and only change.

Note the Update button in the above screen shot and the icons to the right of it.

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