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by  |  18-May-2018 03:35

Line 7: As this is a test program I want to be able to run this multiple times to make sure I update the right field with the right value.

Rather than resetting the fields in the file I am going to copy the records from a "saved" file before any other processing.

In my experience the most common error is end of file.

Lines 19 – 21: As I only want to update one column (field) I use SQL's update statement giving the column name I want to change with the value I want to change it to.

Line 4: As this is only a test I do not want to commit changes to the file, therefore I am using the to turn it off.

I can do this when compiling the program too, but this makes absolutely sure just in case the person who compiles the program forgets to change the compile command parameter.

Lines 15 – 17: This is the equivalent of end of file processing.

Sql updating multiple columns

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