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The series also features numerous supporting characters, each of whom plays a prominent role in a story arc.

Included among them are parents of the main characters, their dates and their coworkers.

Over the next two years, they talk about marriage and each have unsuccessful proposals until the penultimate episode of season seven, when they become engaged, and finally get married in the ninth-season premiere, followed with a wedding redo for their friends and families since the couple had eloped.

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In season five's "The Recombination Hypothesis", Leonard and Penny start dating anew, and although their relationship is initially rocky and Penny has doubts, in season six, she works through her doubts and has a stronger relationship with Leonard.

In season six's "The 43 Peculiarity", she tells him she loves him for the first time, and this now makes them more comfortable in their relationship.

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We have not had a first hand report from over in this direction, but it is most likely muddy and unfishable.

Leonard's family includes other accomplished scientists: his mother, Dr.

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