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aunty: my hubby wants to fuck my ass and put that dildo in my pussy same time me: o ooooooo me: making u like a cheap whore aunty: yup…he likes it aunty: he always pull my hair and all, slap my face butts aunty: pinch my nose till i gasp aunty: during sex me: ohhhh me: like a xxx movie me: marathon sex me: so wha t r u wearing now aunty: rt now i am feeling very hot aunty: i am wearing my top and my shorts me: wow me: and underneath me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm aunty: underneath was wearing the red thong for the day aunty: but now i removed aunty: it aunty: nothing underneath me: hmmmmmmmmmmm me: a bare burning pussy me: yummy aunty: not bare exactly aunty: covered bt jungle aunty: of hair me: oh realy aunty: yup aunty: y me: o oo aunty: actually my hubby likes to pull my pubic hair while lucking my pussy to cause mer some pain aunty: so he always insist in growing them me: hmmmmmmmmmm me: so u r also addicted of that style now aunty: wchich style me: growng bushes aunty: yup it feels nice natural aunty: and like a lady me: hmmmmmm aunty: only not in summer me: yea indian lady aunty: i dont like total bald pussy aunty: it looks like a child me: hmmmmmmmmmmm me: bald pussy looks good on teenagers aunty: and how do u like me: i like either havy bushes or cleaned aunty: hmmm.

aunty: my hubby also had grown bushes there aunty: and when he forces his penis in my mouth and push me hard against his pubes aunty: his hair go in my nose or eyes aunty: sometime they tugg into my teeth too me: hahhahahahaha me: so big bushes me: cam sex aunty: nope me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm me: u hd sex out of marriage aunty: before marriage had aunty: 2-3 times aunty: not much after marriage me: hmmmmm me: means aunty: ? aunty: had only once but not after that me: with whom???

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Jayaprakash N: hi babe.anita4u: hi Jayaprakash N: all well there babe.anita4u: ysss Jayaprakash N: k Jayaprakash N: so what news ?

Jayaprakash N: how was weekend babe.anita4u: nothing babe.anita4u: not bad Jayaprakash N: k Jayaprakash N: didnt go out babe.anita4u: naa re Jayaprakash N: oo u have to nurse a baby ..

aunty: hi me: hi me: how r u aunty: me fine and u aunty: asl plz me: me 23 m from banglore me: n urs me: u must have read in my chat aunty: yup…

aunty: me 27 f aunty: banglore me: okay me: miss xxxxxxx aunty: and whats urs aunty: not miss i am mrs me: really aunty: but like a miss only me: hahaha me: why aunty: my hubby gone to australia since last 4 months me: hubby not interested in u aunty: and will be there for next 6 months me: ooo me: so sad aunty: so i am feeling very lonely me: dont worry me: me is here aunty: he has gone for so fellowship in further studies aunty: hmmm…

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