Rules for dating an iranian women

by  |  04-Jul-2017 02:49

The regime has had less success prosecuting the women on Facebook’s “My Stealthy Freedom” page, which also appeared in May and has close to 700,000 likes.Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has called it her favorite page on the site.

Iranian women have long been in a cat-and-mouse game with the interpretation and enforcement of many aspects of Islamic law, but most especially the hijab.

Since 1983, when the first written law was passed, the Islamic Republic has made it officially mandatory for women to wear the headscarf and loose clothing, with punishment for failing to comply ranging from lashes to imprisonment.

Small crowds of women spectators were spotted in the stands for the tournament.

The move comes after women's rights' activists and Human Rights Watch appealed to the international volleyball authority to bar Iran from hosting any tournaments until women are allowed into stadiums.

The images are incredibly varied—students, homemakers, young girls, professional women, and grandmothers—but all depict a bareheaded woman defying the order to wear a hijab.

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