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Or you may not hear a sound at all, but feel an urging, an inner pull, a sense of excitement and longing that resonates from within.

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Clearly, Jaffee pointed out, not all girls who mature early experience -- and girls who mature later are not immune from it.

It's actually striking that dating abuse was common across the board, she said.

Too much to do, too many places to be, too little time to do it all. In all areas of our life—home, work, school—we are increasingly imprisoned by the perception that time is a scarce and limited resource. But until we change our relationship to time, our lives will continue to speed away from us—at enormous cost to our health and to direct experience of ourselves and the world around us.

We rush from one commitment or activity to another and believe that we haven’t a minute to spare. Read the rest of this entry » Ilona Tobin has been a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist for more than 25 years in Birmingham, Michigan.

Despite its bad reputation, stress isn’t actually a product of only negative things.

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