Polynesian dating customs

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Today, Albino scientists latest nonsense is the concept of Black Africans of the OOA migrations, upon once leaving Africa, experiencing genetic mutations causing a change in Haplogroup, and then RE-ENTERING Africa as the now "Mutated" human with the new haplogroup.That is how they try to explain haplogroups that are found widely in other parts of the world and Africa too.

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It is named after the type site of La Gravette in the Dordogne region of France where its characteristic tools were first found and studied.

The earliest signs of the culture were found at Kozarnika, Bulgaria.

At least half (and up to 90% in some regions) of the Berbers belong to some Eurasian lineages, such as H, HV, R0, J, T, U, K, N1, N2, and X2, mostly of Middle or Near Eastern origin.

5 to 45% of the Berbers will have sub-Saharan mt DNA (L0, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5).

One of the earliest artifacts is also found in eastern Crimea (Buran-Kaya) (see Crimean Mountains) dated 32,000 years ago. Where found, it succeeded the artifacts datable to the Aurignacian culture.

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