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His breath smelled like weed, he's been smoking. I was already beat up, i had bruises on my legs and cuts on my face. "Looks like you're too much of a pussy to be straight, you should be gay." Zuma said as he punched me again. I felt like he was going to beat me to death, i was really scared i really didn't know what to do. As i rejoined them i saw Chase was bring Zuma down. (Insert 21 vine meme here XD) I went threw 1 pipe, 2pipes, 3 pipes, 4 pipes, 5 pipes, 6 pipes, 7 pipes, 8 pipes, 9 pipes, 10 pipes, 11 pipes, 12 pipes, 13 pipes, 14 pipes, 15 pipes, 16 pipes, 17 pipes, 18 pipes, 19 pipes, 20 pipes? Zuma's stronger than me like in the kiss he gave me when we were at Rubble's place, Chase was the one who pulled him away not me. I turned away but it's like our lips were glued together. "Well probably because my brain thinks you're Everest and that she's the one stroking me and not you." I said. Before he did i punched his face and he fell down to the ground, covering his face with his paws. It landed near me and it broke into thousands of pieces. Zuma dashed out and tried to tackle me i ran towards the stairs and Zuma still chased after me. (Did this just to show what Chase is actually doing) Rocky pov Zuma was trying to kill me, not joking! If he killed Zuma that'll be great, the others will tease and be hateful towards then and Rocky will kill them all!

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He kicked my face and it felt like i was actually going to die today... "I'll kill that husky girl so we can be together! I don't know what came into me but i punched it him right back and tossed him off of me and i punched him in the face. He checked his pulse and Chase gave me a dirty look.

"Prove me wrong and fight back." Zuma shouted in my face. "You think you can call me a faggot and say you'll kill my girl and you think you can get away with it?! As soon as i broke out of my hateful trance i instantly felt weaker and more pain. I looked back down and i saw Zuma was motionless on a bush, with blood coming out of him. "He's alive but barely." Chase said as he looked back down on Zuma.

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Paw patrol sexy adult games

Coming from a Filipino background, my family really wanted me to pursue nursing or law, but I just knew that photography is where my heart is and that’s when I decided to follow it and give it my all.…
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