Outlook inbox is not updating 0x00040820 la dating

by  |  09-Jan-2018 00:09

Thanks for any help, Bonsai Bill I just downloaded Microsoft Office 2013 on a Windows 7 computer. I set up the Outlook 365 client on her laptop to pull messages from the net server and send messages via net.

I purchased this edition because of needing Outlook. Using pop on net as we've always done in the past did not appear to be an option.

Exchange 2007 server with Outlook 2013 client on Windows 7 Pro with 100Mbps network connection. Using SRV record with internal DNS to configure/provide autodiscover.

User can view my calendar but when she tries to schedule a meeting with me, the Scheduling Assistant reports backs" No Free/Busy info available.

Or is she just going to have to live with losing her inbox on her laptop? Gary Fisher I use two accounts in Outlook 2013 (64-bit) and the default account is working fine.

The second account is set up Ok, sending email Ok, but stopped receiving email after the Windows 8.1 upgrade (I think - may be a coincidence though).

I have gone thru the account setup and it checks out fine with the automatic test of send/receive at the end, and I can also see the test email generated by Mocrosoft Outlook in my "Sent" folder, on the Server, but it never arrives in my "Inbox" neither any other received email that has been received on the Server after a certain date.

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