Oprah dating elvis

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In another part of our interview, Oprah hinted at a higher calling.‘I have always believed the "Oprah Winfrey Show" was really the foundation for the beginning of what was to come for my supreme moment of destiny,’ she said.‘I am very clear that my life and my purpose is bigger than myself.If Oprah does run in 2020, then Trump will face someone who is almost as rich as him, as big a star as him and massively more popular than him.

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For the past week, Washington has been agog with Michael Wolff’s spectacularly juicy Trump book, Fire and Fury.

The author, who pulled off one of the journalistic coups of all time by implanting himself into the White House for months on end (memo to the administration: if you let a wolf into your house, it’s probably going to eat everyone..), proclaimed it would mark ‘the end of this presidency.’I very much doubt that.

But now she doesn’t have a choice.’Until Oprah got up to receive her Cecil B.

De Mille Award for lifetime achievement, the Globes had meandered along a predictable virtue-signalling path with attendees competing to be the most sincere #Me Too star in the room and host Seth Myers whacking all the right villains, from Weinstein to Spacey.

She invoked Recy Taylor, a young rape victim in Alabama from 1944, whose case was taken up by civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, and who died just ten days ago.

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