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by  |  14-Jun-2017 03:22

Achieving this will require the elimination of costly federal rules that artificially drive up health insurance premiums; for instance, current mandates on what insurance plans must cover drive up prices for all, even those who would want a more limited health insurance plan.Already, rising insurance costs today threaten continuation of health insurance coverage among millions of middle class Americans in the individual and small group markets who are ineligible for taxpayer subsidies.Healthier people are less likely to die a premature or preventable death than unhealthy people, regardless of income or health insurance status.

And so I don't believe that there are a whole bunch of folks out there that will not get coverage. We will agree that there's a technical argument to be made that Obama is still concerned with not punishing people for not having enough money to buy health insurance.

And John, both you and Hillary have a hardship exemption where, if people can't afford to buy health care, you exempt them so that you sort of don't count them." Let's contrast those comments with what Obama said on CBS News on July 17, 2009, after Democrats in the House of Representatives unveiled legislation that includes a mandate. But it's hard to take that argument seriously when Obama used the issue of the individual mandate to wallop Hillary Clinton with negative ads.

Of that number, CBO estimates that 5 million fewer people will be enrolled in individual market coverage; 5 million fewer in Medicaid; and more than 2 million fewer in employer group coverage.

Notice what CBO is and because, especially in the non-group market, the resulting increases in premiums would cause more people to not purchase insurance.” This is a crucial point.

At one level, this is a classic argument among academics—complete with each side accusing the other of basing its case on a “selective” use of evidence in the professional literature. To start with, a recent review of the academic literature on the subject finds a mixed bag, but with the strongest link between coverage and health outcomes in cases where health insurance coverage improves access to care, “particularly among people with lower incomes and chronic conditions.” That makes sense.

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