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The characters magnify the situations and incidents. I don’t think Gombrowicz is spasmodic: he’s quick, he’s rapid, he’s short and extremely rhythmic and… The characters Zulawski presents are not really all that odd, but the way in which they move, speak and propel is most assuredly eccentric. Adjani’s work on this film was so taxing that it triggered a very real emotional break.

They soon feels less coincidental and can be assumed to be intended threats. I thought, that one is almost never present, or rather never fully present, and that’s because we have only a halfhearted, chaotic and slipshod, disgraceful and vile relationship with our surroundings. More luckily still, words like “bleurgh” in Gombrowicz mean nothing. It only takes one viewing to underscore this as valid truth. Zulawski was able to inspire her to start her performance with emotional hysteria set at Level 5 and then required her to turn it up to Level 21 before the experimental film comes to a crashing end.

For those depressed by the quantity of badfic, the above list may cheer you up.

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How does the English reader know he/she is able to understand his prose’s complexity?

German and French readers had better access to his work thanks to more accurate translations.

Every action and decision seems to be a reaction to matters we can never fully understand. Why should I spend my life with ugly stupid petit bourgeois people? But there is far more continued within the frames than an iconic actor’s work. Zulawski’s examination of the artist finding fulfillment in France’s mid-1970’s theatre scene leaves a mark.

This vastly improved translation offers more insight into Gombrowicz’s complexity but it also grants permission to not second-guess the awkward phrasing. Witold wants to write a novel until he falls in love with this girl, who never has anything intelligent to say. It is not so much the point of the movie that matters but they way in which that point flows off the screen.

They escape the city to what they anticipate will be the nourishing warmth of the country, but they arrive with mutual respective existential crisis and life fatigue. So, it’s a happy coincidence.” Neleop attempted to engage the artist into a discussion regarding what he perceived to be a shared sort of spasmodic manner in both Gombrowicz’s novel and the great filmmaker’s work. A contemplation regarding abysmal cinematic opportunities, the protagonist is often looking directly into the audience.

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