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Manipulating and voicing the entire rogue’s gallery, meet Canada’s oldest and worst actress Miss Lillian Lunkhead, chanteuse Jolie Jolie, marionette ventriloquist Meyer Lemon, and lounge singer Rosemary Focaccia.The ridiculous, tender, or bawdy antics of Daisy Theatre favorites Esme Massengill, Mrs.If she wants you to know her real name, she’ll tell you.

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And make no mistake: this is a performance, and she’s in character.

There’s a common misconception that dancers are actually getting all made up and enduring immense amounts of physical training because of the biggest payday of all: a romantic dinner at Sizzler with some random dude who’s too cheap to chuck a dollar bill on a stage.

“Settling down with you, having a bunch of beautiful children. “I’m actually a sociologist who’s just doing this to get an understanding of strip-club culture so I can write a book,” says the woman who is currently on the clock and being paid not to puke on you for asking stupid questions.

Maybe getting a boat and sailing around the Horn of Africa whilst eating fresh-caught fish and sipping mai tais provided by our personal bartender.” Oh, wait, that’s your dream.

), people are going to keep talking in them, roaring loudly over a soundtrack of clanking heels and Sevendust classics as they scream to their buddies and fire uninspired pickup lines at the ladies on stage.

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