Matt dillon and cameron diaz dating

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That didn't work for me." The breakup reportedly took a toll on Reid. Fortunately, these two have both moved on, and they've left their relationship in the past where it belongs.alum Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise tied the knot with Australian beauty Nicole Kidman.Diaz, however, went on to date some high-profile names, including Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto (via ). very much has his act together as the incomparable Iron Man in the ).

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Stiller's zipper scene goes down as one of the funniest and most painful things I have ever witnessed on film. Every scene has something memorable from Dillon's attempts at reviving a dog to Stiller's "pre date entertainment." A classic that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Diaz is divine the woman of Stiller's dreams... He falls in love with her and gives Stiller a bum story...

"She has wanted to do it for some time but didn't know if she could find the courage." While Sutherland likely suffered some serious heartbreak after Roberts left him, he later admitted that it was probably for the best.

"She was arguably the most famous woman in the world and this wedding that was supposed to be something between the two of us became something so big," he told ).

While A-list status may secure one's place in the pop culture archives, the same cannot be said for celebrity relationships.

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