Married dating in caledonia minnesota

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Marks, Alfred (Real name: Ruchel Kutchinsky) (1921-1996) – Born close to the UGLE in Holborn, London, Alfred Marks was an actor and comedian who enjoyed a long career in the British and Australian entertainment industry. Marshall, James Wilson (1810-1885) – Jim Marshall discovered gold at Johan Sutter’s saw mill, in American River in California in 1848.

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Mercer, Joseph ‘Joe’ (1914-1990) – Joe Mercer was initiated in Rivacre Lodge, No.

5805, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire in 1941; this long-term Freemason and ex-Everton and Arsenal player also received five England ‘Caps’.

Mc Adam, John Loudon (1756-1836) - A Scottish engineer and road-builder, John Mc Adam invented a new process, “macadamisation”, for building roads with a smooth hard surface that would be more durable and less muddy than soil-based tracks.

Modern road construction still reflects Mc Adam’s influence.

Marx, Arthur Adolph ‘Harpo’ (1888-1964) – The second of the gifted Marx Brothers, Harpo Marx was a phenomenal comedic talent for his time.

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