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We have included Linked In integration so people can search for partners of a particular profession.Also, for safety and privacy, we only display the initials of the person till they are matched".Tinder This is clearly the most popular app out there.

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"We have around 2 million users across India with the numbers growing every day.

At Woo, we always want more mature relationships to take place through the platform.” Some interesting trends which the app has seen are that more women prefer entrepreneurs as a match.

But it’s not champagne and novelty underwear for everyone.

A male user we spoke to said, "I installed it just for fun. I went on a couple of dates too but they were pretty boring". Many female users say that the men they connect with get abusive when they’re denied a date.

Most of our customers are in their 20s or 30s but we are seeing a change where people even in 40s are registering on Floh.” To have a chance at love here, you need to shell out ₹7000 for three months.

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