Loga kurylenko who is she dating

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People get married for any number of reasons, then could decide to stay together, or split up, for different reasons entirely.Regardless of these reasons, the exploration of these complicated, intense, unique relationships has been a...The jury stated: "The winner of the world documentary award delivers a fascinating portrait of a larger-than-life personality, but admirably escapes the trappings of simple biography by revealing...

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find out more PAPER YEAR, the directorial debut from Rebecca Addleman, explores the first year of marriage between two young creatives in Los Angeles.

The film centers around Franny (Eve Hewson), a television writer who gets her first job at a game show, and a stalled actor/dog sitter Dan (Avan Jogia). find out more It took some courage and gentle persuasion from friends, but Rebecca Addelman is now living the dream as a director in the cutthroat, male-dominated film industry.

find out more Paper Year tells the story of young newlyweds Dan Delaney (Avan Jogia) and Franny Winters (Eve Hewson) moving through their first year of marriage.

While it is Rebecca Addelman's feature directorial debut, as a writer for New Girl and Netflix's Love, the story of a goofy young couple struggling...

find out more There is more than 120 years age difference between rising star Soko and turn-of-the-century icon Loie Fuller, yet the two disparate artists have more in common than you might imagine.“She was just a very charmed, multi-hyphenate woman,” said the Bordeaux-born actress of the true-life character... home amid the final frenzy of finishing her third album, the upbeat artist reveals she even decided to go celibate for the past year and a half to concentrate... Romero to David Cronenberg and Guillermo del Toro, horror has seen the rise of several influential filmmakers who have impacted both the genre and the film world as a whole.

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