Is it worth dating a beautiful woman inundating definition

by  |  22-Dec-2017 03:33

I like when a guy takes control because most guys will bend over backwards to accommodate me, when really I just want someone with a backbone.If you don't like that I'm talking to a guy and he's hitting on me or something, then tell me.If you'd rather I don't go to clubs with my girls because I'll get hit on a lot, I'd also rather you tell me that too (I'd be perfectly content just hanging out at home with you or with my girls).

Even when making plans ill be on the fence about something and unless the guy is like, go get dressed you're seeing me tonight, ill just be fussy and won't budge.

I think it's why the majority of men I date are the alpha male type, because they're the only ones that can handle me.

always busy with something-- though they're at least dedicated to whatever it is that keeps them in shape (sorry feminists and fat activists, an overweight girl can be cute, but they're never gonna be a perfect 10).

Source: Used to know a fashion model who, while out of my league, was mostly busy with her boyfriend.

This shows me that you really care for me and that you'd rather have me because you like me, not because I'm just a pretty face.

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