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See a specialist if you can get no firm answer from your present dentist. Once your teeth and guma are well restored, it is really a simple matter to learn the proper methods for maintaining good oral hetth.

An added benefit of maintaining good oral health la that various stress.relatcd problems can be avoided altogether, TYench mouth, appropriately named by foot-soldiers, is a prime example.

If only two or faux X-rly S of this type are made, chances are the Also, by no means is my Ibt ^ teeth are removed and a denture placed in the mouth at the same dentist only checked for cavities. When dental floas is passed between j^de the tooth followed by a were acquainted with those techniques two teeth where at least one of these t&oth crow „ p offered?

The added X-rays are to check the root and the opinion. First, here are some warning signs to look for should anyone recommend a dentist. -i m ■ r (j EHtl UGS l X tb^V &T& Dlfld Oi more serious. TV peel should prevent while in school, has a cap or filling, the floss should not f r a C £urc just like the steel reinforcing bars Should you be forming a survival group simply slip through- The Hnaa should meet ^ reinforced concrete prevent fracture, and have s dentist as a member, you can some resistance.

References: Fluorides and Dental Caries, edited by Ernest Mewbrun. It dues :id matter whether the crimi- nal is brought up in a ghetto or a mansion, the characteristics are com- mon to all. law His to forays against Jaw prove himself that he is smart.

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