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There is no one else who will take care of her, and she has no friends. I have always yearned for a normal relationship with my mother and now especially I want us to enjoy our "last times" together.

I love and respect her very much, but I am ashamed to say, I don't like my mother.

You feel obligated to take care of your mother and keep her out of a nursing home, but this does not mean that you should put up with abusive behavior.

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I am also in my fifties with grown children and a grandchild.

My mother is very sweet when you talk to her but she has absolutely no interest in talking about anyone but herself. She acts like a two year old and wants to be the center of attention at all times. No matter how many times I tell her I don't want her shoving her beliefs down my throat, it falls on deaf ears.

My mum is my mum and I am surposed to love her and I do and god forbid when she dies I will be devestated but I hate her with a vengeance,she is a real nasty piece of work and her feeling is that she has a daughter an you only have a daughter to look after you in old age that is fine if the mother daughter relationship is good but if no matter what you do is not good enough how can you deal with the hate I also have issues with my mom.

She is not verbally abusive but extremely controlling.

In part because I think my mother thought she would inherit my sister's assets.

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