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Another most important, most high ranking Ayatollah Montazeri, who has recently died, was also in support of the Green Movement.

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Ziai regarding Iran than the mark of their New Year.

Kathleen Wells: Last summer, Iran held presidential elections. Number one, we all now know that the election was fraudulent -- blatant fraud, I put it.

Prior to his position at UCLA, Ziai taught at Tehran University, Sharif University, Harvard University, Brown University, and Oberlin College. Ziai has published several volumes and numerous articles on Islamic philosophy, especially on the Iranian/Islamic Illuminationist tradition.

Starting last week, March 21st (or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed) and proceeding for 13 days, Iranian people will celebrate Nowrūz.

Recently, people have called for an internationally-monitored referendum, but, of course, the government -- that is the military and the government and the thugs and the police and all of the paramilitary people who have been beating people in the streets, and so on -- are vehemently against any type of a referendum because they know better than anybody else that they're in a small minority and a genuine referendum will be their end.

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