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He’s naturally curious and enthusiastic, and always eager to test his limits. This diversity of interests and openness to new experiences ensures two things: 1) That Rollins is never wanting for paying work.

2) That he’s constantly evolving and his work never gets stale.

2) Work Your Ass Off There’s no way around this one. The guy leads a more or less monkish existence and doesn’t sleep.

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Besides the mega suck up to power barf he projected a few days ago, there’s another recent statement, where Hatch said, in part, that Trump, as far as presidents go, was “one of the best I’ve served under.” Wow. Senator Hatch is part of (for now) a branch of government, the Legislative, equal in power to the one Trump presently tees off in, the Executive. There is nothing he can say or do now to regain the ground he gave up. Even more so, the whining of Republicans as they try to denigrate the reputation of decorated Vietnam War veteran Robert Mueller and his investigation. Like a lot of elected Republicans, Gaetz hasn’t spent much meaningful time on the street, besides all the times he’s been pulled over. So much that as little as you know of what Mueller’s up to, you can tell that it’s upsetting snowflakes like Gaetz.

The weakest of the litter, Matthew Gaetz, representing Florida’s 1st congressional district, whose 2008 mugshot screams perv, wants Mueller fired. It’s amazing how hard these men and women are happy to land on the wrong side of history.

Rollins lines up projects sometimes two years ahead, then takes his time planning, pruning, sorting out logistics.

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