Heather marter and dustin zito dating 2016

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When they weren’t, there were the arguments awash with yelling, cursing, pushing, shoving, and near fighting among themselves.

“I was 22 when I did the show, so it depicted how I was when I was 22,” says Marter.

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She even received a piece of hate mail which was a little scary. Although the couple, who were the fan favorites, were sent home early after Zito injured his knee (while walking up stairs, not during one of the intense, physical challenges that they had to do on the show), Marter was still happy that they were together for three months in the Dominican Republic.

It surprised me at first that Heather didn’t seemed fazed by any of it, but it helped me seeing her handle it so strongly.” A viewer on an MTV blog wrote about Marter, “She plays with Dustin’s emotions. “We broke up after the show, were apart for around six months, and then got back together last June,” says Marter.

This caused her to become more flexible and strong.” Marter also matured and became independent, which she credits with helping her deal with difficult situations on “The Real World.” “I was with a lot of family members and bounced around to different houses and schools,” says Marter.

“My parents gave us everything they could because we almost lost my brother.

Just having a conversation with another roommate, I had to think about what to say.” And the roommates especially had to think about what to say when it came to them butting heads and not getting along with each other.

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