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But, unaware of the Universal Laws and the Universal Records System they apparently did not realize that everything they did - and thought about doing - was recorded forever and that one day they would have to face the truth and pay for their crimes against the people.

Psychiatrists and psychologists, thinking that people were animals and refusing to believe in religious truth, felt that people could be "conditioned" in camps where they were given obedience training like dogs to do anything the state wanted under theories proposed by Pavlov relating to conditioned response.

I was finally able to stop the psychiatrists myself by infiltrating the medical cult and learning its secrets and ways of operation and also by learning about another thing which has today been given the popular name "the Force" which means the power which comes from GOD.

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Systematic testing of all legitimate sources proved that there is no easily accessible group that has the power to stop psychiatrists from essentially doing whatever they want to a person - including murder.

I tried lawyers, the ACLU, legal aid services, and all conceivable places that normally can help people who are under government attack, however none of these places had the power to stop psychiatrists.

Both Tulane University and Louisiana State University had CIA contracts during the N1119 period and Charity Hospital of Louisiana was used as a setting for bizarre Medical experiments directed against helpless people and others that the Government did not like.

As a Tulane University student I was targeted for discreditation and destruction when it became known that I planned to write a book called "Plan Theory".

INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT THE N1I19 report is a compilation of personal experiences and observations of events centering about the Mental Health System in the State of Louisiana during a critical period of US History and includes data with a broad scope of applications.

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