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resize=768:*" /Name: Ryan Smith Age: 20Hometown: Moorhead, Marketing and Psychology Student Friends say: "That I'm a down-to-earth guy who legitimately cares about other people."Bright lights, big city: "I plan on moving to a major urban area to work for a top company.The business world really appeals to me."Courtside cutie: "Tennis is my passion.

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It's frightening to let your guard down and tell a woman something you've never told anyone else before."Bootylicious babe wanted: "I'm a butt guy."If he's hot for a woman: "I'll look right into her eyes or touch her leg lightly."Turn him on by: "Caressing me behind the ear.

It really excites me."Opposite-sex vex: "Women can be very moody.

It's hard for a guy to predict how a girl feels and what's going through her mind."Ladies, listen up: "The worst thing is when a woman brings up an ex on a date.

I instantly assume she's not really interested in me." Name: Alex Kim Age: 21 Hometown: Saint Paul, English/Psychology Student In his own words: "I am creative, curious, and a very good listener." The boy's bad habit: "I can be pretty messy.

Nothing beats the relaxing feeling that comes after playing a really intense, sweaty match."Pick-him-up pointer: "I tend to be pretty shy.

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