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Withdraw from the hype and grandeur and revisit the things from your childhood that made you feel secure. If you are creative, you can find inspiration in places you might not have thought to hold such things. You may also hear that you are going to become a parent. You have the opportunity to understand and know things with immediacy that will make you very sought after in your field.

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Uranus is an immediate energy and those dates may be significant for you personally as well as nationally.] Red Alert! I won't apologize for them because I pay for this site, I don't put cookies on your browser and I need a place to vent. I also try and help keep us all alive as well, so forgive me if I get a little emotional about things from time to time. )Your solar chart has Uranus still sitting in your 12th house but on the tip of your ascendant. Some of you will find yourself in a regime or location that is not suitable for you to live there.

Uranus will enter your sign this month Bull, just in time for your birthday! When Uranus visits a sign it depends on how he gets along with your energy and in your case, Uranus is in his Fall in Taurus. Thank goodness this isn't likely indicative of your actual personal natal chart but it still speaks to your needing to be extremely alert and perhaps change your mode of behavior in some way that indicates you are not just some herd animal that follows the dictates of a Twitter feed, an Instagram or a Facebook page to rule your opinions and life. Well, you are not a traditional Taurus, but to each her own. I don't know why it is the way it is, but the world is getting a bit small for the despots in the world to keep up their brutality. And combined with the romance of Christmas and New Years, I think you are going to have a very good time. Diversification is key according to most schools of thought. No worries though because you and all earth signs have Saturn now on their side.

You will have rather sudden opportunities to make money, be happy, or bring other people joy.

This also speaks to your marriage and how much happiness your partner has brought to your life.

My guess is that you are already married to this person and you've just momentarily forgotten how very special they are.

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