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She counts herself lucky to get to work on time, and get her bills paid.

She may have a few high earners in her gaggle that insist on picking up some of her bills to get the edge on their competition.

Apparently, it takes a gaggle of men to keep a single woman happy and content. This is based on a recent book called The Gaggle by Jessica Massa. Your typical hot single chick flirts with her male barista in the morning, lunches with her male co-workers, has at least three boyfriends she dates in rotation, and another one in training basically, she Skypes her ex-boyfriend weekly, and then there’s her butcher who’s willing to do any type of special cut for her at the grocery.

This sounds like a script for a movie, not someone’s life.

But we’re probably not hurtling unavoidably towards Judgement Day and we shouldn’t all become Luddites just yet. We need tech that addresses the imbalances in society, that encourages positive thinking and action, and that brings communities together.

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