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When Julia and Edie exited a show (forget which one) in Paris, they were welcomed by a bunch of journalist and camaramen.in all the photos of them, irina was always touching freja very affectionately or trying to lay one on her...i'll always have a soft spot for arizona and freja (they're too aesthetically pleasing to not like), even though arizona seemed at times pretty messed up.Cat Mc Neil (broke up cos Cat was cray back then and cheated on Freja with RR)2.

Life is just a series of moments, some of mine captured here. Like U interviews Irina Lazareanu about her closet. Irina Lazareanu Irina Lazareanu is an international model who was born in Romania and grew up in Montreal, Canada. Register if you are a: Model, Photographer, Stylist, Casting director, Fan Irina Lăzăreanu (8 giugno 1982) è una modella canadese, di origine rumena.

Supermodel Irina Lazareanu divides her time between the catwalk and jamming with Sean Lennon.

Abbey Lee (because of her comment on Terry Richardson photoshoot, the fact that she is bi and was so touchy feely with Freja)Stuck in Friendzone:1.

Eddie Klint (because he acted adorably in Copenhag I said Julia and Freja don't seem close anymore bc even when they were in shows together 2016/2017, they never seemed to be in the same picture.

Preferably for Spring Summer collection so we can called the show "Nightmare Before Christmas" Hello newbie!

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