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Everything is very easy to install and control, so Piper is a good option if you’re looking for the basics without much hassle.

You can always add new equipment to your setup if you decide you want more motion sensors or an extra wireless keypad for your garage.

Setting up your security system on your own saves you money that you’d normally spend on professional installation—but your time is valuable too, so installing your own system still needs to be easy. You don’t need to connect any wires or drill holes.

You get free cloud storage with any of the cameras, but a few of them also come with local storage, which is a big benefit over many other cameras on the market that offer only cloud storage.

Canary offers a pretty advanced outdoor camera—which is something you can’t get from Piper, i Smart Alarm, or Simpli Safe.

Piper cameras come with two-way audio, built-in sirens, and sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, light, and sound.

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